Seminars and annual meetings are the backbone of the research school. At the seminars the doctoral students meet either physically, for example, at residential sessions, or via the Internet. The seminars are organized in series, each running for the first and second year.

The seminars  deals with important parts of a researcher’s work and are buildt on the active participation of the doctoral students. The seminars have different themes, such as how to write articles, applications, or project plans; how to read and assess scientific articles; ethical reflections about authorship and publication; and discussions of the research situation in general practice and how it can be improved from both national and international perspectives. The content of the seminars are adapted to suit the needs of the group of doctoral students.

The seminars are mostly  in Swedish but sometimes in English when we bring in foreign teachers. The seminar series the first and second year is the basis for obtaining university credits, and for this students are required to be present at more than three-quarters of the seminars.

Head teachers the first year are  Senior Excecutive Editor of The Lancet, Dr. Stuart Spencer and Professor Simon Griffin, University of Cambridge.