Aims of the National Research School in General Practice

In 2009 the Swedish Research Council (VR) announced funding to support the establishment of research schools in several subjects, including one in general practice. VR’s aims in doing so were:

  • to create vigorous clinical research environments and added scientific value
  • to stimulate and strengthen research training and thereby promote recruitment to clinical research
  • to establish a foundation for network building and supervision, and to give time for research and education to researchers working with clinical problems
  • to stimulate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research
  • to contribute to national and international cooperation

Umeå University, in collaboration with the Universities of Linköping and Göteborg, was given the task of coordinating and administrating the National Research School in General Practice. The research school was granted SEK 15 million for 2010–15. The time was then extended until the end of 2019, with the last intake 2017.

After financial support from all Swedish Universities with medical education and Foundation for Rehabilitation and Medical Research – “FRF-stiftelsen”. The Resarch School made a restart in the end of 2019. Currently the Research School is also founded by the Kamprad Family Foundation and the Kempe Foundation.

The overall aim of the Research School in General Practice is to develop and increase the amount of research and enhance research training in general practice in Sweden. Our specific aim is to ensure that we acquire a new generation of well-trained researchers in general practice with an education of high international standard.

Education at doctoral level is intended to develop the knowledge and skills that are needed to be able to pursue independent research.

Our research school will:

Provide knowledge about

  • Research in general practice: background, conditions, and potential
  • Common and important research methods in general practice research
  • International perspectives on research in general practice

Develop skills in

  • Planning and implementing research
  • Cooperating in research, in groups and networks
  • Communicating research findings
  • Establishing contacts and collaboration both internationally and nationally
  • Using modern technology for communication

To obtain a diploma from the research school one must have taken part in the seminar series, passed the examinations.