Tobias Andersson´s research

Diabetes and hypertension – comorbidity, pharmacotherapy and prognosis. Data from primary health care centers in Skaraborg and Stockholm.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is a chronic disease with increased risk of cardiovascular complications and death. The prevalence of diabetes is increasing globally and cardiovascular comorbidity such as hypertension is common. Treatment of diabetes is multifactorial, intending to normalize blood glucose, blood pressure and blood lipids, aiming for improved prognosis. What blood pressure target to be aimed at, and if hyperlipidemia should be treated to target levels or if statin treatment per se is sufficient is debated.

Data from two large databases will be used. The Skaraborg Diabetes Registry (SDR) (n≈15,900) with patients registered 1991-2004, and the Swedish Primary Care Cardiovascular Database (SPCCD) (n=74,751) with patients from Skaraborg County and southwestern Stockholm diagnosed with hypertension 2001-2008, of which 16,340 patients with additional diagnosis of diabetes (SPCCD-D). The project aim to:

Follow-up long-term mortality and cause of death among patients in the SDR compared with the general population 1991-2012.(Paper I).

Study the clinical characteristics, socioeconomics and pharmacological treatment in 2003 versus 2008 in SPCCD-D. (Paper II)

Study the correlation between statin treatment and all-cause mortality, cardiovascular mortality and morbidity using SPCCD-D. (Paper III)

Study the correlation between blood pressure levels and all-cause mortality, cardiovascular mortality and morbidity using SPCCD-D. (Paper IV)

Increased knowledge about temporal trends regarding mortality among diabetic patients. Improved knowledge of statin and blood pressure treatment in diabetic patients and how this correlates to mortality and morbidity.