Marjo Berkhout´s research

Hypertension in the very old

Prevalence of hypertension increases with age. General Practitioners care for most of the elderly with hypertension. Many patients have multimorbidity. The aim is to describe hypertension in the elderly regarding bloodpressure levels, comorbidity, prognosis and GPs attitude to treatment.

Treatment of hypertension, co-morbidity and complications are studied with data from a primary care research cohort. GPs reflections on hypertension treatment in the oldest is studied using qualitative method, focus groups and quantitative method, surveys. Swedish Primary Care Cardiovascular Database (SPCCD) will be used for study 3 and 4 and contains data from 20 public health care centres i Skaraborg, including 50 000 patients with hypertension, about 10 000 of them with diabetes and other co-morbidity like cardiovascular diseases. Data from primary care journals is linked to the National Patient Register and Prescribed Drug Register at the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare and to socio-economic data from Statistics Sweden.

These studies will contribute with increased knowledge on GPs considerations when treating the oldest patients with hypertension, treatment outcome regarding co-morbidity and mortality. Contribute to more specific guidelines on treating the oldest patients with hypertension.

University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy, institute of medicine, school of public health and community medicine/general medicine

Supervisor: Per Hjerpe, General Practitioner and PhD