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Recovery during working hours – an intervention project for better employee health in primary health care

Work-related stress and ill health, which in many cases can lead to sick leave, involuntary decline in service or early retirement, is an increasing problem among health care workers. Recovery in the form of sleep and rest is important for reducing the risk of illness and stress. Previous research in this area has mainly been pathogenic oriented and focused on recovery outside of work. Recent studies have shown that the possibility of recovery is the most important factor associated with perceived health among employees in primary health care. However, there is a knowledge gap on what the recovery during working hours actually is, and how that knowledge can be integrated into the organization and evaluated.

The aim of the PhD thesis is to identify the concept of recovery, to illuminate what employees in primary health care experience as recovery during working hours and how the possibility of the same affects their well-being.

The thesis consists of four parts:

1. To identify the concept of recovery during working hours by carrying out focus group interviews at some of the participating health care centers.

2. A salutogenic questionnaire with questions on recovery, health, psychosocial work environment, leadership, energy and work-life balance goes out to the entire study population.

3. Intervention in some of the health care centers, in which different forms of recovery are integrated into regular activities and tested.

4. Qualitative as well as quantitative evaluation of the intervention process and its effects.


If the intervention model proves to yield good effects on the employees’ experience of recovery during working hours it can be of great importance for their well-being and, in a broader perspective, occupational health in general. For society, it can lead to less sick leave and lower costs.

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