Lena Rindner´s research

Women’s health in the menopause a focus on physical, urogenital and mental health

The planned dissertation, have women in menopause as the target group. Mental and physical illness among women in Sweden show a marked increase in around menopause (45-55 years). The risk for mental illness, cardiovascular disease and long term sick-leave is significantly increased during menopause. The aim of this study is to investigate somatic, urogenital, and psychological aspects of menopausal related symptoms and health problems as well as evaluating a new structured group education.
Study I: Qualitative interview clarifying women’s experience.
Study II: Epidemiological survey establishing prevalence of different symptoms.
Study III: Cohort study following women and identify risk factors for unfavorable prognosis.
Study IV: A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effects of a newly developed group education.
The dissertation is expected to increase the knowledge around symptoms and illness for women during menopause. This knowledge is expected to give us the tools to improve preventative measures to women attending primary health care with the purpose of preventing illness.

Supervisor: Ronny Gunnarsson

Lena´s e-mail: lena.rindner@vgregion.se