Eva-Britt Norberg´s research

”If I can’t manage it, I have to find another way”
Ways to handle activities of daily living as an old person with chronic heart failure

Rehabilitation of older people with chronic heart failure (CHF), often with co-morbidity, are increasing in primary care. The group is encouraged to exercise and be physically active during daily activities, but knowledge of occupational therapy rehabilitation for the patients is deficient. Despite that traditional occupational therapy intervention of fatigue as energy conservation methods, equipment and technologies is an expanding area of research for other diagnostic groups.

To increaseknowledge about activities of daily living and fatigue in a group of older people with chronic heart failure and their use of compensatory interventions to enable occupational performance.


  1. Across-sectional studyincluded 40 CHF patients over 65 years with a significant heart failure diagnosis. The aim was to study ADL-ability of the group based on dependence, perceived strain, quality of occupational performance and the relationship between NYHA class and ADL-ability.
  2. A cross-sectional study based on the same participants as the first study. The aim was to explore the impact of fatigue among old people with CHF through association with performance in daily activities, use of assistive devices, home help and community mobility services.
  3. A qualitativestudy. Ten primary care patients over 65 years were interviewed. The aim was to identify and describe strategies used by old people with CHF to handle their daily activities.
  4. A pilot study. Five heart failure patients over 65 years from primary care and two occupational therapists in primary care are included. The aim isto develop and investigate an occupational therapy program for intervention with energy conservation in CHF rehabilitation in primary health care.

Expected importance
The studies are supposed to update the needs and contribute to development of assessment and rehabilitation of old people with CHF from an activity perspective.

Read Eva Britt´s thesis in Swedish, (Summary in english): Dagliga aktiviteter bland äldre personer med kronisk hjärtsvikt: begränsningar och möjligheter

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