Elzbieta Kaszuba´s research

Diagnose of chronic heart failure in primary health care – possibility to use impedance cardiography.

Early diagnosis of chronic heart failure is important to initiate the appropriate treatment, improve quality of life and increase survival. Most cases of chronic heart failure in primary health care are diagnosed clinically without echocardiography so risking both under- and overdiagnosis. Impedance cardiography (ICG) is a non-invasive measure of haemodynamic status on the base of the electrical impedance in the chest.

The project aims to study the diagnostic algorithm for chonic heart failure used in primary health care and the possibility to use ICG in primary health care.

1. Aprevalence study.Seventy five patients aged 65 years and older with a registered diagnosis of COPD in two different primary health centres were included. Patients were examined according to the diagnostic algorithm as recommended by the European Society of Cardiology in order to find chronic heart failure.
2. A cross-sectional study. There were 39 patients with the diagnosis of heart failure included. All patients were examined by echocardiography and ICG. The aim is to find a correlation between ejection fraction measured by echocardiographyand ICG variables.
3. A cross-sectional study that investigates the correlation between ICG variables and parameters measured by magnetic resonans tomography.
4. A predictive study that investigates whether ICG variables can be used to assess the risk of hospitalization and death in patients with chronic heart failure.

Expected results
Validation and application of impedance cardiography as a method in primary health care.


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