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Research plan – Communication in telenursing


Especially in telenursing, patient satisfaction depends on the nurse’s communication and interpersonal competences. Previous studies suggest that in order to improve their skills, telenurses should analyse recorded patient encounters.

The overall aim with this research is to develop an instrument to measure and improve communication and interpersonal competencies in telenursing and to analyse if the assessment of quality in communication is related to patient satisfaction. A translated instrument to assess patient satisfaction will also be tested in a Swedish context.

Study 1: Development and evaluation of the content validity of an instrument to assess communication and interpersonal competence in telenursing. The item generation was based on a literature search and the method for evaluation was Content Validity Index. Study 2: Clinical test of the instrument from study 1 and appropriate statistical analyses. Study 3: Assess the validity in a Swedish context of the translated instrument “Caller questionnaire”, by the method Content Validity Index and to make a pilot test where statistical analyses will be carried out. Study 4: To use both of the instruments and study the relations between the results of the assessment and patient satisfaction.

Expected findings
The development of an instrument to assess and improve communication skills in telephone encounters may improve the quality of the nurse patient communication as well as patient satisfaction.

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Telephone advice nursing: communication, patient satisfaction and tool development

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