Beata Borgstörm Bolmsjö´s research

Risk factors and treatment of elderly with multiple diseases in nursing homes

The ageing population will lead to higher demands for a functioning care of the elderly. Elderly living in nursing homes have multiple diseases as well as risk factors that complicate an optimal medication. Malnutrition and impaired renal function are two of those risk factors. Heart failure is common and often not treated adequately in elderly patients and this group consequently has a higher mortality rate.
The aim of this thesis is to explore different risk factors for elderly with multiple diseases, and further to relate these risk factors to outcomes as mortality, morbidity and medical treatment to find factors for optimizing the care of this group of patients.
The thesis is divided into four projects regarding heart failure, malnutrition, impaired renal function and an ethical analysis on how the results can be implemented in the health care system.

The majority of the material in the thesis comes from the SHADES (Study of Health and Drugs in the Elderly living in nursing homes in Sweden) study. It is a Swedish prospective cohort study that lasted between 2008 and 2011 including more than 400 elderly.
Information from this study includes data on diagnoses, medications, validated rating scales and blood sample analyses.

By studying risk factors that prevents optimized treatment and reduces quality of life, we will get improved knowledge that may lead to a better and more individualized health care for elderly with multiple diseases.

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Supervisor: Patrik Midlöv