The fourth group is now admitted

The fourth group of doctoral students has now been admitted to the National Research School. The group consists of several different professional categories.

The new doctoral students are: Mialinn Arvidsson Lindvall, Tijn Hendrikx, Helena Hörder, Marie Kivi, Thorbjörn Lundberg, Anette Lundqvist, Miriam Pikkemaat, Johanna Sjölander, Marine Sturesson, Moa Wolff.  

The kick-off days for group four took place on 11-14 September in Alingsås. 
Published 2012-06-01

Mini-congress with PhD students and tutors

In February the research school arranged a mini-congress for all 30 PhD students and one of their tutor.  Mikael Lilja, who just recently defended his thesis, shared his personal reflections around the dissertation and gave practical advice regarding the preparation of the thesis and defence. Many prominent researchers gave lectures. Karin Johannison discussed changes in the conception of health and disease, Dan Levy talked about the famous Framingham studies, Stuart Spencer about fraud in published research and Simon Griffin about future research in general practice. In the evening a poster session was arranged and all students in group 2 orally presented their posters and responded to questions in English. This is an important exercise to practice in giving a short precise summary of their projects, as they will in future international congresses. The most important result of this meeting was the possibility for all teachers, PhD students and tutors to meet, discuss mutual
problems and solutions and future research cooperation.   

Stuart Spencer, The Lancet

Published 2012-02-13


The Third group research students met in September 2011. They were given feedback on their projects by our international teachers; Stuart Spencer, fast track editor of the Lancet and dr Simon Griffin, MRC.


The third group of doctoral students has now been admitted to the National Research School. The group consists of several different professional categories: doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists are already represented in the research school, and in group three we also have one psychologist and an occupational therapist. The new doctoral students are: Nasser Ahmadi, Anna Backeström, Lena Jutterström, Eva-Britt Norberg, Pernilla Ohlin, Kaveh Pourhamidi, Karin Rådholm, Sigrid Salomonsson, Pär-Daniel Sundvall, Carina Wennerholm. The kick-off days for group three took place on 5–7 September in Vindeln outside Umeå.

Published 2011-06-20


This is the ten new students and one of their teachers. From the left, Anne Björk, Gunnar Nilsson, Christina Johnson, Maria Landén Ludvigsson, Göran Waller, John Dahlström, Olov Rolandsson, (Main Coordinator), Maria Magnil Molinder, Carl Wikberg, Eva Thorell, Magnus Olofsson.

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