Over 30 million GBP to the Brittish School for Primary Care Research

The National Institute of Health Research has annonced the new membership for its School for Primary Care Research with founding of over 30 million GBP, to support the next phase of the NIHR SPCR research and capacity programme. Read more here.
Published 2014-11-28

Eva-Britt Norberg will defend her thesis April 11

Eva-Britt Norberg, department of community medicine and rehabilitation, is publicly defending her thesis with the title: Activities of daily living among older persons with chronic heart failure – limitations and possibilities.
Opponent: Maria Larsson-Lund, Luleå tekniska universitet

Time: April 11, 13.00

Venue: University of Umeå, Vårdvetarhuset, Aulan

The Director of the research school will be awarded Umeå University’s medal of merit

Professor Lars H Lindholm, will be awarded Umeå University’s medal of merit for his important work for the University at  the annual celebration on 19 October 2013. For one thing, he took the initative to start the National Research School when the Swedish Research Council advertised funding for research schools in 2009. 
Published 2013-02-25

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