Maria Borland disputerade

5 oktober disputerade Maria Borland, avhandlingens titel: Excercise-based cardiac rehabilitation, physical fitness, and physical activity in cardic disease

Elzbieta Kaszuba disputerar

Den 16 februari disputerar Elzbieta Kaszuba vid Lunds universitet. Avhandlingen heter Heart failure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease with special reference to primary care. Opponent är Professor Johan Ärnlöv, KI. 

Publicerad 2016-01-16

Award to Carl Wikberg

Carl Wikberg , Group 2 in the Research Scool was awarded for best oral presentationa at the EPA Congress. Congratulations to Carl. Carl Will defend his thesis March 24.
Publicerad 20170315

Moa Wolff´s thesis the best 2016

Moa´s thesis "Yoga as a treatment for hypertension in primary care. A quantitative and qualitative analysis conducted in Sweden" won the titel best of all thesis in Family Medicin 2016. Moa was a PhD student in n Group four and is now coordinator of the Research School and member of the Excecutive Committee. 

Read the thesis here
Published 20170313

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