The National Research School in General Practice offers a unique possibility for research students to acquire an international dimension to their research by staying at a foreign institution with high competence within the student’s research area. The aim is that the PhD-student may participate in regular activities for research students, participate in research discussions and actively work in a project in collaboration with the institution or analyze own research data. The goal with the stay for doctoral students is to acquire deeper knowledge and broader perspective regarding their research field. The stay may also give a possibility to establish personal contacts for future collaborations between researchers and institutions. The National Research School in General Practice encourages the doctoral students to plan, together with their supervisors, for an international dimension to their research training.

International activities that will be supported include staying at a foreign institution. Each doctoral student will be able to use up to SEK 30 000 for developing international collaboration during her/his time in the research school. The funding can be obtained after a joint application by the PhD-student and the supervisor, with a plan for how the money is to be used. The grant can cover costs of living abroad but may not be used as salary. The grant can be combined with other travel grants.

The doctoral student must present the knowledge and experience acquired from the international activities in the form of a short report, and the doctoral student should also give an account of his or her experiences in connection with the annual follow-up days.