• Nina Dahle´s research are is: Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a common disease with high risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. To enhance risk stratification and preventive treatment it is of interest to investigate the prognostic significance of ambulatory blood pressure measurement and prognostic biomarkers.

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  • Maria Brännholm Syrjälää’s research area is to evaluate the health effects of an intervention aiming to reduced sedentary behavior at work through breaking up sedentary behavior with light walking or simple pause gymnastics by using a activity tracker, SMS reminders and telephone follow-up as a complement to health counselling.

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  • Lena Rindner´s research area is Women’s health in the menopause a focus on physical, urogenital and mental health.

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  • Magnus Nord´s research Project is about predictive and individualized care for frail older adults

    To improve care for frail older adults, we develop new methods for identification and assessment of frailty in primary care that are feasible and efficient.

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Tobias Andersson will defend his thesis the 16th of April:
Diabetes and hypertension – entangled chronic conditions in primary care. Time trends and determinants for mortality and cardiovascular complications


Group 11 is now admitted, te new Reserch Students are:

Åsa Athlin ÖRU, Martin Bergram  LIU, Olof Cronberg  LU, Carl-Magnus Henriksson UMU, Annika Imhagen ÖRU, Caroline Kappelin KI, Hannes Kohnke LU, Amelie Persson LU, Egill Snaebjörnsson Arnljots GU, Sabine Vesting GU.


Group ten is now admitted and the Research Students are:

Ulrika AnderssonMarjo Berkhout, John CederqvistNina Dahle, Kenny KalinMärit Löfgren, Stefan MalmbergMaria Norburg TellMagnus NordUlrika Westerling